Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt About Us North East England
Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt About Us North East England

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About Us - Ghost Hunt North East, England - Spiritus Paranormal

Meet the team...


Spiritus Paranormal Investigations, investigate in the North East and Yorkshire, England. Between us, we have years of experience regarding paranormal investigations, having conducted many many ghost hunts.

Don Sanderson

Director / Sensitive



 I have always had an interest in the paranormal but really got hooked about 5 years ago, after having several, what I believe paranormal experiences.
 After attending a few public ghost hunting events, I was given the opportunity to experience the paranormal search myself. My aim is to help like minded people as myself to find proof of the paranormal.
 Having also founded Spiritus Paranormal, I  hope to help others find answers to their questions as we venture acrross the North East and Yorkshire, also helping them have a higher understanding of what goes on after we pass!
 The methods I favour to try and achieve this are the ouija board and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). My favourite locations are Busby Stoop (Thirsk) and The North East Aircraft Museum(Sunderland) because of the activity I have experienced there.


Wayne Williams



Ive been interested in the paranormal for quite a few years now, became a paranormal investigator and in doing so is one of the best decisions i have made as the experiences i have had have for sure, greatened my aspect of the paranormal.


I always wondered what is actually out there and where do we go when we pass over, i can now hopefully continue to find out this in my role as a paranormal investigator and answer my own questions.


I have been to many many different locations across the North East in areas such as Tyne & Wear, County Durham, Teeside, Cleveland and Northumberland and plan to investigate the most of the UK!, in joining Spiritus Paranormal i will achieve this and look forward to seeing you all there!


My favorite techniques are calling out and using the Ouija Board, i was always told by my mam never to use the Ouija but as you can guess i took no notice (sorry mam).



Dennis Hunter

Tech Expert


I have been interested in the paranormal from a young age and always wanted to fulfill my curiosity of the unknown, that's why i became a paranormal investigator and after a couple of encounters i have experienced, it has made me determined to discover more.


I have always wondered the reason spirits return after they pass over. As a young man, i had a personal experience of an apparition of my grandmother, not long after she passed away, and for many years wondered why this happened to me. With some experiences during paranormal investigations and looking up history on many different buildings, it has made my interest stronger and to pursue many questions that are asked and to obtain answers, myself, and others have been looking for!


My favourite techniques are the human pendulum, using the spirit box and conducting EVP (Electric Voice Phenomena) sessions to communicate. The way most people percept ghost can be scary! I also believe these spirits are here to tell us untold stories on their lives.


I have attended a lot of interesting locations over recent months, meeting a lot of new friends along the way and discovered some interesting stories. As far as favourite locations are concerned, mine has to be the North East Aircraft Museum (NEAM) and Yarm Fellowship Hall.


As for myself I am joining an experienced and dedicated paranormal team with years of experience between them. I feel Spiritus Paranormal is my future search for answers. It would be a pleasure if you could come along and join the team to discover more answers!!



Anthony Abraham

Investigator / Venue Co-Ordinator


I have been interested in the Paranormal since I was a kid having seen a few things in my parents house. As I got older my curiosity got the better of me and I started doing public events.


After some years I joined Spiritus as a member of the team and I also help book new venues. 


Over the years I have had things thrown at me, seen shadows, heard whispers and even been touched. On one instance I started to feel very angry and had to leave that specific part of the building to try and calm dowm.






Josey-May Sanderson



I've been interested in the paranormal for a couple of years now. However, I'm the youngest on the team. Since I went on my first ever hunt at Ugthorpe Lodge a while ago, I became determined to find out more about the after life, this got me wanting to go to more venues to find out answers.


I've always wanted to know if there's a life after death, I believe there is. However, as many people are still unsure, I hope after coming on a ghost hunt with Spiritus Paranormal they'll change their mind and get the answers they have been searching for.


I have been to many haunted and interesting locations across the North East. My favourite venues have to be the North East Aircraft Museum (NEAM) as well as Castle Keep, these places never let me down as their activity is phenomenal.

In my opinion my favourite techniques are using the Ouija board, spirit box sessions and doing human pendulums. I believe these are the easiest ways of communicating with spirits.

Lisa Langford 

Investigator / Psychic Medium


Ive been interested in the paranormal since I was age 18. My frist experience with spirit was when my Grandma died and she visited me the night of her funeral. She came with lots of love and told me she was safe in spirit.


After that experience I became very curious about the Paranormal and started going to spiritual churches to develope and open up. However I did get spooked and stopped doing this for a lot of years.


I booked my first Paranormal night with Spiritus a few years ago and thats where my love for the Paranormal really kicked in. I am Master Reiki Teacher and a Tarot Reader I work with energy everyday.

I love the NELAM it was the first place I seen a full body apparition and shadow figures. Ive got lots of places on my bucket list one being Newsham Park Asylum. 


Denny Sanderson

Tech Expert


Ive been with Spiritus for 2 years now, I found I had a passion for the paranormal after I had my own personal experiences. I love using the tech equipment and my knowledge to help find answers of the unknown. I love to use the equipment to help prove to others that not everything can be explanined.





Adam Greenwood

Investigator / Sensitive






Rob Davies



I joined Spiritus in 2022 as an investigator because I enjoy investigating in my spare time as much as possible. The team visit some interesting places which have stories of hauntings and use of variety of investigating techniques. Its also interesting to hear the experiences of other people too, and find out their perceptions of these places.


My earliest paranormal experiences occurred when I was to young to beable to remember, but it is a fascination that has developed over childhood until I looked old enough to pass for an adult to go on my first investigation at Chillingham Castle aged about 16. 

I worked in radio for a number of years and presented a paranormal show, which allowed me to investigate some of the countrys allegedly most haunted places, my personal favourites being the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, Armley Mills in Leeds and former house of occultist Aleister Crowley, next to Loch Ness. In 2020 I went to Paris to flim the Catacombs which now only leaves 3 more on my bucket list. I do sit on the fence with my beliefs, but I do tend to lean towards trying to use scientific ways to explain what could be haunting, such as the stone tape theory hence why I love a good old castle. 





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