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Elizabeth Panico 

Fantastic night grate location and the evening was made grate by the team that talked us through what the equipment was and the events that unfolded... I’ll be back soon for another investigation thank you.



GM Brooke Norman KT 

Wayne has a natural ability with the paranormal world and it is this ability that confirms the paranormal activity within that world.


Tyrie Urwin 

Great night with this group. I have tried a few other groups and these guys are one of the best. Really good at conducting the night. Relaxed and calm. Good fun and enjoyable night.


Louise Elizabeth

Amazing night! At first I was optimistic about it but the night exceeding all expectations. The team was incredible, I would 100% recommend and I can’t wait to book up again.


Mark Heseltine 

I’ve been with a few groups and spiritus is hands above everyone else .. very professional and fun at times .. been with these quite a few time and highly recommend.


Carl Stewart

Very knowledgeable, know exactly what they're doing and keep you very interested.






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