Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt Equipment North East England
Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt Equipment North East England

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K-II devices are EMF meters which measure Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) in a measurment of Milligauss.

Temperature Gun

Temperature guns have a built-in infrared beam and a built-in laser which detects temperature as and where the laser in directed to.

Mel Meter 8704

Mel Meters devices measure Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) measured in Milligauss and also displays Temperature.

P-SB7 Spirit Box

P-SB7 Spirit Box's are devices which scan through multiple radio stations at numerous speeds, using white noise to communicate with spirits.

Digital Recorder

Digital Recorders have a highly sensitive built-in microphone, recording frequencies unable to be heard with the human ear. We use these for Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) sessions.

Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is a device we use to play any audio outloud for Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) sessions and Spirit Box sessions.

EM Pump

An EM Pump is a device which emits EMF (Electromagnetic Field). As spirits give of EMF, the EM Pump gives energy to spirits to help them communicate through other pieces of equipment.

Laser Grid

A laser grid is used in order to visually see a spirit firgure or shadow. If a spirit is present, it may potentially break the beams emitted from the laser grid, showing a figure like shape.

Night Vision Camera

We use night vision cameras to recorder video in the dark. As night vision camera record with the help of infrared light, it records in a different light spectrum which the human eye is unable to see, hopefully capturing a spirit on camera.

Static Detectors

Static detectors are used during experiments to contact spirits. If a spirit is present and near the detectors, it will set them off, alerting of its presence. These static detectors detect seperately in positive and negative.

Ovilus lll

An Ovilus 3 is a device with a built in word database that spirits use to manipulate, allowing the ovilus to speak the words in which the spirit is saying.

Sonic Ear

This is an audial device with with a built-in microphone and plug in headphones. This device is used to amplify sound. It is as sensitive as the microphone on a digital recorder, therefore you may hear a spirit voice live while others can't.

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