Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt Private Investigations North East England
Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt Private Investigations North East England

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Private Investigations

Spiritus Paranormal conduct private investigations. This is a service which we provide free of charge, except for all traveling expenses which we will agree with you in advance.
Spiritus Paranormal conduct a professional investigation to try and capture any unexplained paranormal occurences. Is it your home which you think is haunted or is it your working environment? We will investigate any location, neither too big or too small.


Here is a brief overview of how we go by conducting private investigations When you first contact us, we will discuss all areas of informition in which we require. Information we require include Date & Time, Location, Type of building i.e Hall, Museum etc, How frequent are occurences. This information will be given during a short telephone conversation.


Once we have all of the facts, our team will assess whether we need to look at additional historical information for the location. We may also decide that a preliminary walk-through of the location is needed, ahead of the investigation. If this should be the case, we will advise you in advance.


If we are unable to provide a relevent explanation to the occurences in which are happening and a possible explanation to any personal experiences, we will contact you informing you of this and will organise a Date & Time to visit the location to conduct the investigation.


Full client co-operation is required in order to proceed with the investigation. We will be using all of our equipment. Any evidence which is captured on the night, we will contact you and inform you of this, explaining anything which that is captured. 

Requesting a private investigation is simple, please contact us on 07880355260.
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