Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt What To Expect North East England
Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt What To Expect North East England

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What to Expect.

Most people new to Ghost Hunting don't know what to expect, so here are a few pointers of what to expect and the main do's and dont's so you can get the best out of your experience.


  • A professional and honest investigation.
  • On the night you will be split into groups depending on the number attending.
  • You will always be with one, if not two, investigators.
  • There will be numerous chances for you to use the equipment and personally take part in the investigation.
  • As a group we use various techniques and equipment to try to make contact with the afterlife, from the ouija board to the most upto date equipment available to us.
  • By the end of the investigation we hope that you will leave with, maybe, some answers to the paranormal.
  • But the main thing to remamber is.....Its your investigation, we are there to help YOU.


  • Make sure you wear warm clothing and sensible footwear some of our venues can be very cold at night.
  • We provide you with tea, coffee and a light buffet.
  • If you have a torch bring it along its very dark with the lights off.
  • Arrive at the venue in plenty of time, the sooner everyones there the sooner we can start investigating.
  • And the main thing is to have an open mind on the night, you never know what could happen!


  • Please don't drink alcohol before or during an investigation. It numbs your senses and its a health and safety issue given the fact that all of the investigation is carried out in darkness.
  • Thats really the only one, we want you to enjoy the experience.
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