Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt FAQ's North East England
Spiritus Paranormal Ghost Hunt FAQ's North East England

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I bring my own equipment?

A. Spiritus Paranormal welcome you to bring any relevant equipment to our nights. Digital Cameras and Digital Camcorders prove to be extremely useful as when looking back through evidence you've captured, you may find something you weren't able to with the naked eye.


Q. If I am unable to attend an event, having already paid full but realise on the same day of the event?

A. Please contact us on 07880355260 if you are unable to attend an event. Although you will not be issued a refund, we require you let us know so we can inform the team on the night, preventing confusion as time may be wasted waiting for you or looking for you.


Q. Will I get my money back if I am unable to make the event?

A. Please see section 19 of our T&C's for information on refunds.


Q. If I capture any type of evidence, would I able to send it to you?

A. If you capture any visual evidence, after a reviewing process and with your permission we will upload any pictures and videos to the website and also upload videos to YouTube.


Q. Will I be able to go off on my own and/or with friends?

A. Spiritus Paranormal welcome the public to conduct their own vigils, however depending on venue sizes and rooms available on the night, will depend on the amount of people we will allow to conduct their own vigils.


Q. If we conduct lone vigils, are we able to use equipment provided?

A. The equipment we provide is for anyone to use and welcome the use on lone vigils.


Q. Are ouija boards dangerous or are they ok to use?

A. The use of ouija boards is voluntary, we do not force anyone to participate in ouija board sessions but great evidence can be witnessed when using them. As far as are they dangerous, many different stories are told about the use of ouija boards and we advise you participate only if you wish to do so but from past experience, they are fine to use.

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